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Introducing the new moderators

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Feb. 4th, 2009 | 04:34 pm
posted by: klubwerks in wow_blackhand

moukin no longer plays wow, and has been kind enough to let me take over as moderator. Myself and my husband m0rtis play wow on the blackhand server - his primary toon is Conwolv. As for myself...

Server: Blackhand
Name: Renelle
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Priest
Spec: Holy/Disc Hybrid
Level: 70
Cuild: Cult of Epic Fail

I also have several alts. My main alts are:
* Redcap, Troll, Death Knight, Blood Spec, Level 58
* Trilk, Troll, Hunter, Beast Mastery Spec, Level 20
* Shamozel, Blood Elf, Paladin, Undecided Spec, Level 7

My alliance server is Grizzly Hills. Right now I'm just a low level Draenei Priest named Teefling. I started a guild called Newbie Training. It's a guild designed to help new players. However, veterans are welcome to join to help too. Click here for the Guild Website

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